We do not have a shelter facility. All of our dogs are housed in private foster homes and cared for by our foster parents. They live as a member of the family and are taught basic obedience and manners. Most of our foster parents are near the Richmond area but we do have foster parents in other parts of VA as well. If there isn’t a foster home available, we cannot help more dogs. Because of this, we are always in need of more foster homes. If you are willing to open up your home to a boxer in need, please email for a foster application. Foster homes are provided with a crate, all approved veterinary care, heartworm prevention and natural flea prevention, and premium dog food. You just provide a loving home until your boxer is adopted!

Why become a foster parent? Words can’t describe how it feels to take a dog that is scared, abandoned, sick, emaciated or abused and turn that dog into a confident, healthy pet and send it to a loving home. Taking an animal that has had such a rough start to life and letting it know that it will never spend another day of it’s life without love is something that you have to experience to understand. Watching that dog go to it’s new home is bittersweet, but finding the perfect home for that dog opens up a spot to take in the next shelter dog. The reward you get from fostering is unlike anything else you can imagine.