Murray – adopted 2015 by the Chisholm family

No matter how many legs they have, letting someone new into your home can always be intimidating. However, the folks at Richmond Boxer Rescue made the process of bringing Murray into our home very easy. The thorough application process and in-home check makes you know they truly care for these animals. They are available for post adoption follow up and help/advice on growing a relationship with a rescue. Murray is the best addition we could have in our family and I’m so glad we were able to do it through this group.




Reggie (formerly Regan) – adopted 2015 by Julia

Where to begin…Richmond Boxer Rescue has brought so much joy to my life. They nursed my princess to be a super fun loving and healthy boxer from a severe case of mange. Richmond boxer rescue makes the adoption process very easy and pain free, they are truly invested in the well being of the dogs and are available to help you in so many ways. Reggie has been the most wonderful sidekick and I owe it all to RBR; so thank you RBR for all that you do for the community and for these wonderful dogs!



Max – adopted 2016 by the Ezell family

We adopted Max in February 2016. Richmond Boxer rescued him from North Carolina. He was strictly an outside dog that was left outside on a chain. He’s the sweetest boy. He’s been such a great addition to our home and he definitely keeps us on our toes with his shenanigans.

max max2

Charlotte – adopted 2016 by Alexandra

We adopted Charlotte on 3/6, she has adjusted well and is extremely spoiled by me and my roommate. We know there’s a chance that we may not have a long time with her due to the tumor in her mouth, so we make sure that she feels the love 24/7 and she lives like a queen.



Riggins – adopted 2014 by Betty

Aunt Sarah knows how thankful we are for RBR. Not only would I have not met one of my best friends if not for our love for boxers, but I also wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet many great dogs, including the very best behaved boxer I’ve ever encountered… My Riggins.